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News Headlines

News Headlines
Aadharshila has added a new 2 Inch Printer Model with 48 Characters per line. Ideally suited for cost effective applications that require more fields printed in a single row- such as grocery bills, AadharCard no. etc, Portable Printer BluPrints "AEM2BT-48" lends immense value for space, by printing in a smaller font. Usually, 48 characters per line are printed on a three inch wide paper. However, with AEM2BT-48, users can now print more text on a two-inch paper roll itself.

Aadharshila Provides Mobile Billing Solutions for Major Energy Company in Bihar

SCRYBE printers manufactured and provided by Aadharshila Mobility Solutions facilitated an enhanced payment collection process for Essel Vidyut Vitaran Pvt. Ltd. by allowing them to implement on-the-spot customer payments. Essel Vidyut Vitaran Pvt. Ltd provides utilities services to urban and rural areas in Bihar and employs agents to go door-to-door to collect payments from customers. Trained agents use Android machines to create applications that calculate payment amounts and are then paired to our SCRYBE Eco Model 2-inch Blue tooth printers. Agents on the ground input customer payments into the Android application that are immediately updated on the server for the company’s records. Then the agent prints a receipt using the Aadharshila wireless hand held printers that serves as the customer’s record of the transaction. The combination of the printer and the Android application thus acts as a POS system that improves record keeping for the customer as well as the company. This project was tremendously successful as it exponentially increased the number on-the-spot collections, provided real time information on collections and created a database of transactions that can be analyzed for customer payment patterns. Our arrangement with Essel Vidyut Vitaran Pvt. Ltd. helped to improve their billing capacity by allowing for immediate monetary gain and eliminating issues arising from miscommunication regarding customers’ late payments.



SCRYBE Printers Help Telugu Desam Party¿¿¿s Reach Membership Drive Goal

Aadharshila was a part of a revolution regarding digitization of membership enrollment for Telugu Desam Party’s (TDP) membership drive aimed to enroll 60 lakh members in Andhra Pradesh and 15 lakh in Telangana. This historic drive devised a hassle-free process to renew membership or to become a new member for 2017 and 2018. New or existing members could create their membership online or through an Android phone application. Once the membership form is submitted electronically, the new membership card and the receipt for the card is issued on the spot. Aadharshila’s SCRYBE ECO MODEL 2-inch Blue tooth enabled printer allowed for immediate wireless printing of receipts for the TDP membership cards, creating a seamless enrollment process.

New Prestigious Beginnings at Aadharshila

1. Aadharshila is pleased to be a part of the sales force automation process for Nestle’s distributors. Hand held portable printers manufactured by Aadharshila Mobility will enable faster tracking and efficient records of perishable Nestle products delivered to distributors throughout India in major regions like Delhi NCR, Goa, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, etc. Distributors will be able to efficiently update their inventory using the SCRYBE TP-48 Blue tooth printers that are paired with an Android application, which will greatly enhance supply chain operations for Nestle.

2. Aadharshila has partnered with Smart Chip Limited to offer security solutions for Aadhar card. Aadhar card is India’s unique identification number program that collects biometrics and demographic information of residents. It is perceived as one of the world’s largest identification number project that generates a unique 12-digit number for each resident. SCRYBE TP-48 printers have officially launched with Aadhar enrollment products along with Smart Chip for receipt generation____.

SCRYBE TP48 has officially launched with Aadhar enrollment products along with Smartchip [Safran Identity and Security group].

3. The Uttar Pradesh (UP) government recently launched a mobile-based electronic challan, “e-challan”, to bring transparency and efficiency in cases related to traffic offences. Aadharshila is honoured that National Informatics Center have nominated our SCRYBE ECO Model 2-inch printers for use in connection with the newly implemented e-challan. The SCRYBE hand held printer will remain wirelessly connected to a tablet through a ticketing application that will calculate and record the penalty amount. The mobile printer will print the challan containing details of the rule violated and the penalty amount. The traffic offender then has the option to pay for the amount at the scene or later in a Regional Transportation office. Pilot programs using the SCRYBE printers have kicked off in November in Noida, Faizabad, Meerut, Aligarh, Agra, Lucknow, etc. and will soon be rolled out in all major districts across the state of UP.


Aadharshila comes with Hindi Fonts Printer

Aadharshila comes with Hindi Fonts Printer
Aadharshila has launched a new model of Scrybe Printer having feature of printing bills in Hindi “Devnagri font”. This feature helps to use this printer printing the receipt in Hindi font. UP Election booth using printer for generating tickets in Hindi.